About Parker Meggitt Vietnam

Advanced electrical solutions for aerospace and defense

Parker Meggitt’s Vietnam facility manufactures a complete range of electrical motion and power solutions.

From electromechanical actuators and position sensors, to transformers and sensors, we provide complete solutions to meet customers expectations in terms of Quality and Delivery.

Our customers trust us to provide:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Low cost capability
  • Asia Supply chain

The factory was established in 1996 as a low cost manufacturing centre for Meggitt Sensing Systems. On-going success has seen the facility expand and in 2018, it will cover 15000m2 (170,000 ft2) and have a workforce of more than 1000 people. A build-to-print production site, it is ideal for your large-scale manufacturing solutions, which can be produced quickly and cost effectively – and with the precision manufacturing you would expect from a Meggitt facility. This is where we will produce your motion and power electronic components, sub-assemblies and finished products for aerospace and industrial applications.


  • Coating
  • Electrical control unit (ECU) assembly, programming, testing
  • Hand soldering – PCB assembly
  • Mechanical parts assembly
  • Wiring

Products – Components, sub-assemblies and finished goods

  • Control boxes
  • Electrical harnesses
  • Motors
  • Position sensors
  • Seat actuators
  • Transformers


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