Meggitt Production System (MPS) for operational excellence

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The Meggitt Production System (MPS) is the Group’s approach to applying Lean tools and continuous improvement practice across all its businesses.

MPS is an integrated management process that drives ownership and accountability together with process discipline – this enables results at all levels leading to improved operational performance across all of Meggitt.  It increases engagement and drives innovation in operational excellence, technology development, sales pipeline, functional excellence and customer experience.  It is designed to progressively improve all company systems through an overarching and integrated approach. Ultimately, it improves our ability to become your supplier of choice.

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The six-stage operating system is designed to make operations excellence a core competitive strength. The early stages focus on tools and techniques that enable products to be delivered, consistently, on time and to the required specification. The continuous elimination of waste is intrinsic to the system. Practised at the highest level, MPS aims to deliver superior incremental growth and performance as leadership, liberated by smoothly-running operations, can focus more on maximising returns from trading assets and long-term business strategy.

Since its launch in 2013, all the Meggitt Sensing Systems facilities have started their MPS journey. The initial goal (Red, Yellow, Green stages) is tactical quality and delivery improvement and the establishment of a sustainable continuous improvement culture. Facilities are not able to graduate to the next three phases, however, without meeting rigorous financial targets.

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The Artus facility has completed Green and is now in the Bronze stage. As well as sustaining excellent operational performance, their focus is to become a fully joined up organisation with MPS embedded into all the key functions.