Quality approvals for Artus and TFE products

Airbus SQIP programme award for 5th consecutive year

For 5 years running the team from TFE Electronics has been awarded gold or silver in the Airbus supply chain and quality improvement programme (SQIP).

The Airbus panel includes representatives from a range of functions and reviews all aspects of supplier performance including on-time delivery and product quality. 

History of Airbus SQIP rankings:

Best performer Silver award 2018
Best performer Gold award 2017
Best performer Gold award 2016
Best performer Silver award 2015
Best performer Gold award 2014
Best performer award 2011
Best improver Silver award 2010


Certificates and approvals for Artus products

EN9100: 2016  approval number 2008/31853 certified by AFNOR certification
ISO9001: 2015 approval number 2008/31852 certified by AFNOR certification
EASA Part 21G approval number FR.21.G.0075 by DGAC
EASA Part 145 approval number FR.145.0189 by DGAC
CAAC 145R3 approval number F03300641 by CAAC (China)
TCCA CAR 573 approval number 821-07 by TCCA (Canada)
FAA 14CFR 145 approval number 2T5Y513D by FAA (USA)


Certificates and approvals for TFE Electronics products

EN9100: 2016 approval number 2015/72252.2 certified by AFNOR certication 
ISO9001: 2015 approval number 2016/72700.2 certified by AFNOR certication
EASA Part21G approval number FR.21G.0115
EASA Part 145 approval number FR.145.493

Quality policy for Artus and TFE products

Our Quality policy is a guide for everything we do. It helps us to meet our objectives of customer satisfaction, supplier development, personal commitments and business growth.

Our aim is to deliver innovative products/services on time; reliably and safely; at low cost and no defects – Right first time. Every time.

Our Quality policy expresses our objectives to:

  1. Recognise product safety, environment, health and occupational safety as first priorities in all our activities
  2. Be accountable to our customers and stakeholders
  3. Report all identified errors and/or incidents openly
  4. Develop and maintain energy efficient and environmentally friendly products, minimise/dispose of waste and minimise the impact of our operations on the environment
  5. Support and enforce the management of safety
  6. Ensure availability of sufficient skilled and trained personnel
  7. Comply fully with all regulatory and standards requirements
  8. Foster a safety conscious and continuous improvement culture