Applied research, design and development

Power solutions to help you drive your business forward

With safety and certification being critical for your innovations, choose a team you can trust for your power electronics design and development work. At Meggitt, we are proud of our established reputation in the aerospace field and are committed to leading the market with state-of-the-art products and innovations that we also qualify and certify.

A centre of excellence for power electronics
Our strength is producing a high level of power density in products, reliably and efficiently. Our main aim is to provide you with more lightweight motor drives and power converters with safety at their heart.

To make the most of our extensive in-house expertise, as well as of industry know-how, we have an Applied Research & Technology (AR&T) Board. This includes expert technologists from each Meggitt division who discuss and give updates on cutting-edge developments from across the business and the latest research they have gathered from many Meggitt partners— leading universities, innovative start-ups, OEMs and government bodies.

Our experts also attend specific, planned technology days with our customers to discuss business development opportunities and future technology roadmaps.


Design: for your analogue and digital electronics
We can offer you analogue and digital electronics solutions for demanding aerospace applications. Our engineers and technicians have full software and hardware capabilities (design, test and certification) on site, so they can make sure your products comply with extreme environmental conditions. We also perform the PCB design in-house so we can optimise the performance and ensure the necessary compliance with aerospace requirements.

Development: through to the certified systems you need

You will have the reassurance of a highly experienced team that can develop and maturate new technologies up to Technology Readiness Level Six (TRL6), the point where they are ready to be implemented in new products and certified for use. We will also make sure the development work happens within cost and quality requirements.

Innovation – the complete solution
We have a team dedicated to working with you on your ideas for innovation and can take them from concept to manufacture. Do you have something in mind? Get in touch and see how we can help. Our commitment to the future, along with the excellence of our in-house expertise and our testing equipment make us an ideal, high quality partner for your new product design and development.