Electronic power and motion control for civil aircraft

Advanced solutions with safety and value at their heart

We understand that you need peace of mind about the safety and security of your systems. We understand the pressures on price too. Thanks to our expert knowledge and facilities, you can choose Meggitt with confidence for your civilian aircraft project:

  • You can expect on-time deliveries
  • You will receive high quality, high technology products
  • You can rely on competitive pricing
  • You will have the latest advanced solutions

A Tier 1 supplier

Our service is built on expertise, process and innovative thinking that is outstanding from start to finish. Meggitt Avrillé  facility is Tier 1 supplier for Airbus. In fact, we are proud to have been recognised as one of their top ten suppliers for performance and quality delivery six times in the last eight years.

How can we help you?

Using over 60 years’ experience and highly developed skills, we have qualified solutions for large jets, business jets and regional aircraft. We work closely with the world’s leading aircraft OEMs, and our systems are fitted on aircraft programmes including: A320, A330/340, A380, ATR family, B777, B787, Bombardier Cseries, COMAC C919, Sukhoi Super Jet100 and more…

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Where can power electronics and position sensors be used on aircraft?

Meggitt’s power and sensing products are used worldwide for various civil aircraft applications including:

Cabin equipment (seats)
Power supplies and motor drives

Environmental control systems and cabin pressurisation
Motors and gearmotors for fluid control valves, anti-ice valves, air drying systems; together with high speed motors for turbo-machines

Flight controls (active auto-throttle and side-stick)
Motors and position pick-up units (PPU) for electrohydraulic actuators (EHA), electromechanical actuators (EMA) and electronic power drives

Fly-by-wire systems
Power supplies (DAL A level)

Fuel and fluid systems
Wet motors for fuel or hydraulic pumps immerged in the fluids; chiller and cooler pumps immerged in refrigerant

Electrical transformers

Power generation and conversion
Emergency generators (PMG and wound) AC/DC and DC/DC converters, Transformer Rectifier Unit (TRUs and ATRUs)

Our R&D teams are working on the following technologies:

  • Main/secondary electrical propulsion systems ( e.g E-Fan©)
  • Anti-/deicing systems
  • “Green” taxiing

Our products for commercial aircraft include:

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What certification do you need?

Once we have your specification, you can trust us to develop the unit to meet your requirements. We will rigorously test every aspect from vibration and shock to aero compatibility and more to confirm that a unit is produced to meticulous standards. Back in the early 2000s, we were among the first companies to design units that meet DAL A – the highest level of design assurance certification. So you can be sure we have extensive in-house experience in providing certified products.

  • We can develop units to meet ARP, DO254 and DO 178 standards and certify our cycle of development to show that.

Here to help

To discuss how our solutions can work for you, email us at artus.sales@meggitt.com or call us on +33  241 33 63 40 (Artus products).