Electric motors, power and batteries for e-aircraft

The reassurance of certified systems from an aero specialist

E-aircraft will increasingly be part of our world – and, working alongside future-facing clients, we are at the forefront of developing the technology to make that happen more safely, securely and efficiently.

In this developing field, you will be looking for the reassurance of working with aero specialists who provide you with certified units customised for your application – and that is exactly what you get with Meggitt. Whether you are developing electric aircraft or helicopters, we can provide you with compete integrated sub systems or individual components. Our Power & Motion capabilities include electric motors for power drives, power converters, power generation, servo systems and batteries.

Complete certified sub-systems

While you will enjoy the benefits of our expertise to supply you with a complete certified sub system, we also understand the commercial needs for competitive pricing. So, from specialist manufacturing at our facilities in France or large-scale manufacturing at our own factory in Vietnam, you get the response you need.

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Where can power electronics and motors be used on electric powered aircraft?

Choose the reassurance of Meggitt’s power and motion products for applications including:

  • Main/Secondary electrical propulsion systems (E-Fan©)
  • Anti-/ de-icing systems
  • Power generation and conversion
  • Environmental control systems and cabin pressurisation
  • Flight controls (active auto-throttle and side-stick)
  • Fly-by-wire systems
  • Cabin equipment (galleys, seats)

Our products for e-aircraft include:

Health monitoring of e-aircraft to maximise reliability – a unique total service

As well as powering the e-aircraft, we can also check that your engines and fans are optimised for maximum performance. Using vibration analysis and condition monitoring products from our sister company, Meggitt Sensing Systems Switzerland, we can ensure your rotating equipment is operating safely, reliably and efficiently.

Our team will provide you with the total solution. Read more about it here.

Here to help

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