Electrical power and motion control for helicopters

Peace of mind for extreme environment operation

With the challenges of harsh operating environments and potentially high levels of vibration, work with a proven supplier you can trust for your helicopter electronic power network.

That is exactly what you will get with Meggitt. Your engineers can call on our integrated team to help you design, develop and certify complete units. None of your work will be sub-contracted – we have the high quality experience and expertise in-house for working on your electronic power distribution (EPD) and electronic power conversion (EPC). This means we can react faster, and better understand your needs.

We work closely with all the major helicopter OEMs and our systems are used on the majority of civil and military helicopter programmes, including: AW149, H160, H175, NH90, Tiger and V22.

Whatever the size of your business, our service will suit you. We can work with you on improving safety and creating more lightweight products.

  • You can rely on on-time delivery, every time.
  • Our solutions are backed by competitive pricing.
  • We can use our extensive systems understanding to help you better define the equipment you need.
  • You will have access to a worldwide network for spares and repairs with our products.

To discuss how our solutions can work for you, contact us.

Where can you use our power electronics and motor drives on helicopters?

Flight Controls
Rotor blade folding system on the NH90, as well as linear actuators for slat/flap actuation systems

Fuel and fluid systems
Wet motors for pumps immersed in the fluids

Power generation and conversion
Engine integrated starter generator; emergency generator; electric power conversion; deicing power controllers

Our products for helicopters include:


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Health and usage monitoring (HUMS) for on-going peace of mind

To maximise the availability and reliability of your critical helicopter components, you can also turn to us for a highly reliable health and usage monitoring system. Use it to process and analyse vibration and maintenance data, predict the health of systems and more. We can offer you this total service by working closely with our sister company, Meggitt Sensing Systems Switzerland. Read more about it here

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To discuss how our solutions can work for you, email us at artus.sales@meggitt.com or call us on +33  241 33 63 40 (Artus products).