Motion control for missiles, rockets and torpedoes

Helping to improve orientation, propulsion and control 

Our mechatronic products are tailored to the needs of various platforms – for land, airborne or naval applications. For missiles, rockets and torpedoes we work closely with a number of major defence electronic companies worldwide.

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Where is motion control used on missiles, rockets and torpedoes?

It is used in various systems including:

  • Electric propulsion motors and drives
  • Fin control actuators
  • Gimbal mounted sensors
  • Missile launchers
  • Multi axes seeker head motorisation
  • Seeker head position sensing and activation
  • Thrust vector control actuators

Our products for missiles, rockets and torpedoes include:

  • Angular position sensors
    • Single and multi-speed high accuracy resolvers (better than ±15 arc sec on multi turns)
    • High accuracy resolvers with built-in slip rings
    • Conventional brushless resolvers
  • Motors
    • Direct drive DC torque motors (brush and brushless)
    • Limited angle torque motors (LATs)
  • Servo systems
    • Geared/ungeared servo motors (low and high voltage)
    • Linear/rotary servo actuators
    • Servo amplifiers
  • Integrated servo packs including: direct drive torque motor, high precision bearings, high accuracy angular position sensors, seals and tailored housing

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