AC/DC converter with active filter

Reduce current harmonic distortion from AC non-linear loads to systems and sub-systems.

Electronics for power harmonic control and power factor correction. The parallel active filter manages all current harmonics generated by the nonlinear electrical loads connected downstream.

These devices are custom-designed to suit each application. To discuss what you need in more detail contact us

Features and benefits

  • High efficiency (reduced losses)

Parallel harmonic compensator reduces power losses compared to serial structure because only current harmonics flow through it

  • High level of operational availability

Parallel structure allows the maintenance of critical functionalities in operational condition even in case of harmonic compensator failure

Smart digital control features harmonic by harmonic treatment and compensation, including phase and magnitude optimisation

  • Low weight and high performance

Reduced weight compared to an equivalent serial topology

  • Conforms to latest electrical network standards

Upgrade of existing system/equipment for conformance to new electrical on-board regulations (ABD 100, EN 2282, MIL) without internal hardware modification