Energy storage for aerospace and defence

Superior power management and long battery life.


We offer two types of batteries for aircraft energy storage:

Lead acid batteries  for main ship and emergency applications.

High performance, low maintenance, and long life. Technology that beats NiCad, lead-calcium and lead antimony in every category of performance, saving operators thousands of dollars annually. Thanks to our superior performance, Securaplane main ship batteries routinely displace other OEM installed batteries, even before they have reached end of life.

Lithium batteries  for main ship applications.

Up to 50% lighter than similarly rated NiCad or lead acid systems, Securaplane’s lithium-ion solution directly addresses the customer demand for longer range, lighter weight aircraft with more capacity.

For the full range of Securaplane products please visit their website.

Securaplane is part of Meggitt’s Power & Motion business alongside Artus, TFE Electronics and OECO .

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