Flight controls

Accurate control and reliable power for pilot stick and throttle.

Electrical motor drives for the pilot stick and throttle control.

Each device is custom-designed to suit each application. To discuss what you need in more detail contact us.

Stick command and monitoring unit (SCMU)

  • Implements COM and MON independent and dissimilar channels for safety purpose (DAL A)
  • COM channel is dedicated to power supply and command the side stick pitch and roll actuators in order to deliver the desired active feel during manual flight mode or to track the desired position during auto-pilot flight mode
  • MON channel is dedicated to monitoring purpose and will disconnect the stick in case of COM failure (fail safe behaviour)
  • Each channel includes two separate lanes for redundancy purpose (high availability)

Throttle electronic control unit (TECU)

  • Dedicated to control the torque and speed of throttle levers to track the commanded position and provide the desired active feel to pilots
  • Actuator speed and torque commands are provided by the aircraft’s avionics through ARINC-429 serial communication link