High accuracy resolvers

Provide rotary position feedback for control and monitoring of airborne servo-controlled systems

Safe and reliable position measurement for your application

Our angular position sensors are either designed as line replaceable units (LRUs) or may be fitted inside servo-control actuators. They provide differential electrical outputs giving an image of the sensed angle.

We can also design the electrical modules for powering the sensor and processing the signal to a DC output.

Features and benefits of inductive rotary sensors

  • Trust your output

The sensor’s signal integrity, including its connection wiring, is easily detected by checking the quadratic sum of output voltages

  • Accurate positioning and targeting 

Accuracy up to ±0.002% Full Scale for a multispeed resolver

  • Large hollow shaft to fit your system

Resolvers from size 19 to size 65

  • Customised optional design features

Lightweight sleeve and hub design

 Proven reliability for aerospace and defence

Our engineers design each unit to be perfectly tuned for each application

How to sense the aircraft movement

Here are the different mechanisms that we can use to sense the angular position:

  • Hollow shaft from 35 to 170 mm
  • Custom electrical interface (energising conditions and transformation ratio)


Our inductive angular position sensors are mainly used for aerospace and defence applications:

  • Targeting weapons systems and weapons turret controls

At Meggitt, we can provide you with a high accuracy resolver that is specifically designed for your application. To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us.