Servo systems

Electronic drives for position, speed or torque control.

Features and benefits

Our electronic drives can be used with DC brush or brushless motors to control the speed, torque (or thrust) or position of the system. There are three essential parts:

Power control: to adjust the voltage/current supplied to the electric motor

Control module: to generate piloting signals to the power electronics from external inputs

Monitoring: to provide feedback on the position of the motor/electromechanical actuator

We can provide a fully integrated system or the individual sub-components – position feedback devices, brushless motors, actuators, control and power electronics based on digital signal processor (DSP).

  • Unmatched power to weight performance

Electronic drives are tuned to the motor characteristics. This optimises overall efficiency, dynamic response, size and weight as well as EMC/EMI properties.

  • Simple system integration

Our customised, scaleable solutions provide complementary, and not competing, functions to the upper level assembly.

  • Reduce number of line replaceable units

We can also integrate the electronic drive with the motor/EMA  – this simplifies the interfaces; reduces wiring and connections and improves EMC/EMI behaviour.

  • We understand the system

Our engineering experts can perform sub-system design, modelling, analysis and validation, if relevant. This considers the full set of requirements for a controlled actuation function – from the input signals and power to the actual movement through the motor or electromechanical actuator.

  • Wide range of drives for any type of platform

Powering from 6 V DC to 600 VDC, or from single or three phase AC networks (400 Hz or Variable Frequency).


At Meggitt, we can provide a fully integrated servo system or the individual components. To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us.