Power systems for de-icing

Power solutions for electro-thermal ice protection control.

Features and benefits

From the electrical system architecture down to the detailed definition of the ice protection controller, our electrical experts are here to help you.

Power supplies

The ice protection heater power supply can be AC three-phased (115/200V), HVAC three-phased (230/400V), HVDC two wires (270Vdc) or HVDC three-wires (+/-270Vdc).

Power controllers

We can include electrical power converters modules (AC or HVAC to HVDC TRUs). The controller logic core can be a simple control/monitoring or have greater complexities (e.g. built-in test for precise failure localisation, failure code recording and transmission etc). Electrical power values start from hundreds of Watts up to tens of kWatts.


For Controller cooling, if the aircraft blown air is not available, the controller can be autonomous by having its own blown air system (electrical fans).

Power management redundant architectures and independent control/monitoring, can be provided, for complying with critical safety requirements.


  • Low power losses

Design uses using low voltage drop power switches

  • In-built control and monitoring

System uses proven, high performance microcontrollers and/or FPGAs . Microcontroller software developed to RTCA/DO-178C.  FPGA embedded Firmware developed to RTCA/DO-254.



Helicopter applications include ice protection for:

  • Main and tail rotor blades
  • Engine air intakes
  • Horizontal stabilisers
  • Windshields

Aircraft applications include ice protection for:

  • Turboprop propeller blades
  • Engine nacelles/S-ducts
  • All aerodynamic surfaces  – leading edges on wings, horizontal and vertical stabilisers

For ice protection systems, we work closely with our colleagues in the Polymers & Composites division. They design and manufacture complex composite structures with embedded resistive heater elements and electronic control and protection equipment. Read more here.

To discuss your specific de-icing application please contact us.